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Barcaggio Beach

It is the northernmost beach in Corsica, 1km long, in Cap Corse.

Here you are at the very end of the Isle of Beauty, in a magnificent wild environment with the continent in the distance, where you have done well to leave all your worries. It is also a place steeped in history, because the Roman remains of a small fishing port which was located at the mouth of the Tignese stream were found there.

This beach is ideal for families and offers a beautiful view of the island of Giraglia located about 1 km away, dominated by its lighthouse and its Genoese tower.

This island benefits from an aquatic ecosystem protected by the Natura 2000 plan. The Cap Corse Marine Park is in fact a privileged place to observe Corsican dolphins, with sea safaris organized from the port of Macinaggio, an unforgettable moment for young and old alike. They are most often on the west side of the trench. There are even a few whales in good times. It is in this area that there are also magnificent places for scuba diving in a natural and preserved environment.

Barcaggio is also part of an exceptional nature reserve, with its dunes along the beaches among the highest on the island, and often a few Corsican cows. Don’t worry, they are not wild and they will let you enjoy this translucent water with turquoise reflections in complete peace of mind.

From the beach, you can follow the Sentier des Douaniers to visit the Tour Génoise d’Agnellu, from where the view of the coast is absolutely beautiful, with a gradient of blue and limestone cliffs whose white sparkles under the rays of the sun. sun. The walk is easy and takes around 1h20. However, avoid doing it in summer at the height of the sky, as there is no shade.

Barcaggio Beach is accessible on foot via the customs path from Macinaggio, but also by boat with a coastal walk from the port of Macinaggio (45 mins) or also by car.

To reach the beach, you have to take the D80 from Macinaggio then the D253. The last part to reach the beach is a track, where some passages are narrow and winding: drive with caution, and you will arrive at the end of Cap Corse ! You have paid parking (2 euros) to end up with a 10-minute walk and reach the end of the Island.