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The most beautiful villages of Haute-Corse

The most beautiful villages of Corsica

The most beautiful villages of Corsica
We know Corsica for its heavenly beaches, its numerous hiking trails and its gastronomy. Whether they are located along the coast or in the heights of the hinterland, Corsican villages have managed to preserve their authenticity and charm over time.
We have drawn up for you a list of 14 most beautiful villages in Corsica.

For your next vacation, it’s decided, you will head towards the Mediterranean, for Northern Corsica. From Cap Corse to Ile-Rousse via Balagne, the regions and landscapes of Northern Corsica offer you some of the most spectacular and varied natural sites on the Isle of Beauty. How can you not be charmed by the expanses of maquis, by the jagged coastline, by the fine sandy beaches with this surprisingly transparent water, whose heat will gently envelop you in the heart of summer. Beautiful Corsican villages dot every landscape along the quays and on the heights of the hinterland.

Apart from the most remarkable Corsican towns of Northern Corsica such as Calvi and Bastia, the Isle of Beauty has a large number of well-preserved villages which add to the charm of Corsica. On the roads from Balagne to Cap Corse via Northern Corsica, along the quays or in the heights of the hinterland: Centuri the lobster port, Sant'Antonino, a medieval village, Pigna the village artisans, Lama the green resort of Corsica, Lumio the village of light… They all deserve to be visited during your trip to Haute-Corse !

For a tour of the most beautiful Corsican villages in the most beautiful regions

Immerse yourself in the lanes of beautiful Corsican villages, lost on a small mountain road, or perched on a promontory of dazzling white rock. Indeed, often located on the mountainside, the villages of Haute-Corse always have considerable charm. From stone walls to olive trees, they have managed to preserve their authenticity, sometimes difficult to access by car, which further adds to their charm, accessing them via bright and green paths.

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Along the quays


Centuri, the lobster port

Centuri is a fishing village in Cap Corse. It’s the navy, Cannelle, located in the hinterland.


Erbalunga, “a nest for painters”

Located 10km north of Bastia, Erbalunga is an important destination in Cap Corse.


Saint-Florent, the Corsican Saint-Tropez

In the hollow of its imposing gulf in Cap Corse, Saint-Florent has become over the years a popular destination in Corsica.

On the roads of Balagne


Sant'Antonino, a medieval village

Sant’Antonino is one of the most beautiful villages in France and Corsica, a medieval site which is worth a visit during your stay on the Isle of Beauty.


Pigna, artisan village

Located in the heart of Balagne, Pigna is one of the oldest villages in Corsica. Its little flowery streets will allow you to discover the…


Monticello, viewpoint over the Balagne

If you are looking for peace and quiet, the small village of Monticello in Balagne is for you.


Corbara, Balagne museum

5km from Ile Rousse, Corbara offers a guaranteed change of scenery to its visitors, in the middle of the mountains, with its hamlets at the foot of Mount Sant’Angelo.


Lama, green resort of Corsica

A medieval village, Lama was hit by the rural exodus during the last century. Municipal policies have emerged and developed to…


Montemaggiore, at the foot of the mountains

Surrounded by mountains, including Monte Gosso, Montemaggiore is a village in Balagne, one of the most beautiful in the northwest of the island.


Lumio, village of light

High above the beaches with turquoise waters of the bay of Calvi, we find Lumio, an authentic village in Balagne.


Speloncato, an ancient prehistoric refuge

The history of the village of Speloncato dates back to the Neolithic period, where it served as a refuge for the inhabitants.

In the heights of the hinterland


Nonza, black pearl of Cape Corsica

Perched on the west coast of Cap Corse, Nonza is a historic village in Corsica. With its 75 inhabitants all year round, it is very popular in the summer period.

Penta di Casinca

Penta di Casinca, picturesque site of Corsica

Penta di Casinca is the only village classified as a “Picturesque Site of the Corsica Department” since 1973.


Cervione, ancient Corsican capital

The village of Cervione is located at an altitude of 350m, and extends to Prunete beach, on the eastern coast of the island.