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Welcome to Camping Ghisonaccia, your portal to an exceptional experience in the heart of Corsica. Nestled between lush nature and serenity, our campsites offer much more than just a place to stay. It is a refuge where sharing, adventure and relaxation intertwine harmoniously. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere where every moment becomes a story, every laugh becomes a memory, and each moment becomes an invitation to wonder.

Camping Ghisonaccia: An Enriching Journey Between Land, Sea and Tradition

Nestled between sea and mountains in Haute-Corse, Ghisonaccia reveals itself as an ideal destination for unforgettable seaside camping holidays. Beyond its fine sandy beaches, this town is full of treasures to discover,family activities and exceptional heritage.

Less than 100 meters above sea level, Ghisonaccia stands out as a prosperous Corsican town, resolutely geared towards tourism. Strategically positioned in the heart of the Costa Serena, a sublime region between Bastia and Porto-Vecchio, the city offers a panorama exceptional. Bordered by fine sandy beaches and preserved nature, it seduces with its enchanting coastline.

Ghisonaccia also deploys modern services, ensuring a comfortable stay. With some quality camping accommodation suitable for all budgets, this Corsican destination offers an authentic experience in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

Must Do in Ghisonaccia: A Guide to the Perfect Adventure

During your Ghisonaccia camping holiday, discover an adventure rich in culture and activities in the great outdoors and taste experiences. Explore with us the must-see attractions of Ghisonaccia and its surroundings, a perfect mix between relaxation in the heart of nature, cultural discoveries and thrills. Prepare to immerse yourself in a stay where wonder can be found at every street corner and in the hollow of every valley.

Discover the cultural and artisanal wealth

Start your visit by exploring Saint Michel Church, where the magnificent Neo-Byzantine frescoes transport you into the art of icons. Stroll through the streets, discover the stone houses steeped in history, and immerse yourself in the agricultural atmosphere of the region.

.Restaurants and grocery stores will offer you authentic delights of Corsican cuisine, while the bars invite you to taste unique flavors. Meet the local producers and explore the Ghisonaccia market, nicknamed “Country Producers”, for tasty meals at the Ghisonaccia campsite.

If you choose to explore, the wine estates, farms, oyster farmers, cheese factories, cellars, and olive estates open the doors to you. Each place reveals authentic artisanal know-how, bringing an enriching dimension to your immersion in the Corsican culture.

Outdoor activities

Discover the beauty of the surrounding area with bike rides, boat trips, water activities, hiking in the Pinia forest. Breathing the invigorating air between the maritime pines offers a natural health journey.

You can also visit the flora and fauna to discover rare bird species, such as flamingos and gray herons, adding an unparalleled touch of grace to the landscape. Don’t forget to browse the trails and natural spaces so as not to miss the two remarkable trees of A Ghisonaccia, the Arburacellu (2018) and the Listincu (2011), a unique feature to explore during your stay at Ghisonaccia campsite.

For adrenaline seekers, opt for a skydive for a panoramic view unforgettable. THE Horse riding on the beach offered by local riding centers allows you to escape at full gallop, hair in the wind.

Events throughout the year

The city comes alive with cultural events, festivals, and evenings musical. The Rendez-vous in Eastern Corsica immerse you in the heart of the territory, at the meeting of passionate farmers and artisans ready to share their know-how.

By organizing your Camping Ghisonaccia, you will be able to fully enjoy of the essence of Ghisonaccia and its surroundings. Between culture, gastronomy, nature and adventure, your experience will be a harmonious fusion of all these elements, creating unforgettable memories in the heart of Corsica.

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For your next vacation with family, couples or friends, our campsites nestled in the heart of nature and surrounded by greenery offer an atmosphere conducive to sharing and relaxation. Whether you opt for a tent, caravan or campervan, our spacious pitches are ready to accommodate your temporary home.

The little ones will have direct access to children’s play areas, while the whole family will be able to enjoy the activities offered by the camping club. Our campsite team welcomes you in a friendly and warm environment and will ensure that every moment of your stay is synonymous with pleasure and relaxation.

For those who prefer comfort, mobile homes await you with modern amenities for peaceful nights. Take advantage of our promo weeks to organize your getaway at an advantageous rate.

Book your Camping Ghisonaccia now and treat yourself to a memorable stay, combining the joy of camping, entertaining activities, and the pleasure of connecting with nature.

Ghisonaccia between sea and mountain

Located between sea and mountains in Haute-Corse, Ghisonaccia is a town of choice for spending unforgettable holidays in seaside campsite ! In addition to its beautiful sandy beaches, this place hides many treasures, places to visit, summer activities to do with the family and an exceptional heritage.

Less than 100 meters from sea level, Ghisonaccia which offers modern services is a prosperous Corsican town very geared towards tourism. Very well established, it is located in the heart of the Costa Serena, a sublime region between the sea and the mountains between Bastia and Porto-Vecchio. You will be seduced by the exceptional beauty of its panorama: along its coastline, you will enjoy its fine sandy beaches and protected nature. It is through these assets as well as its quality campsite accommodation that adapts to all budgets.

What to see, what to do in Ghisonaccia and the surrounding area on a camping holiday

In your visit to the town of Ghisonaccia, discover its Saint Michael church and its magnificent Neo-Byzantine frescoes, executed according to the art and spirit of the icons, its stone houses, its agriculture, its restaurants and bars and visit the local producers. All the artisanal wealth of Corsica is concentrated in this town: ; wine estate, farm, oyster farming, cheese dairy, cellar, olive growing estate, essential oils… In season, go to the Ghisonaccia market nicknamed “Producers de Pays”, delight in Corsican products for meals while camping.

In the surrounding area, the town invites you to go for bike rides, enjoy aquatic activities or take walks in the beautiful Pinia forest. Between its maritime pines, breathe the invigorating air, a real health journey to take during your stay in the region. Rare bird species such as pink flamingos and gray herons add to this natural landscape.

Did you know ? In Ghisonoccia, there are two remarkable trees: Arburacellu (2018), Listincu (2011), it is the only French commune to have two and which are very close to each other.

In terms of activity and thrills, you will have plenty to do between flying through the air with a parachute jump, perfect for discovering the plains, the mountains and the sea or escaping in a gallop on the beach, Horse riding centers from the region offer you their services of sea trips, hair and horses in the wind !

As for events, throughout the year, the city organizes cultural events, festivals and musical evenings in the streets of the city with Corsican groups. For example: Les Rendez-vous en Corse Orientale invites you to an exceptional immersion program in the heart of the territory, meet farmers and artisans who all have a passion for sharing their know-how.