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The most beautiful beaches in Corsica

Corsica has more than 1000km of coastal stretch, ranging from fine sandy beaches to the pebbles of Cap Corse. With its numerous coves, some of which are not accessible by car, enjoy the crystal clear waters or a snorkelling trip to observe the seabed.
We have chosen for you the 20 most beautiful beaches on the Isle of Beauty.

The most beautiful beaches of Haute Corsica

During your visit to northern Corsica, enjoy the wild pebble beaches of Cap Corse, or the fine sandy beaches of Balagne and the Agriates desert.
Bordering crystal clear waters with turquoise reflections, whose temperature is 26-27°C in summer, there is something for everyone.

Families will choose the city beaches of Calvi, Ile Rousse or Saint Florent, with often shallow waters and many of which are supervised. Adults and children will be delighted to take the Petit Train des Plages with its yellow and red wagons, which connects Calvi to Ile Rousse along the coast. Like a shuttle, the Trinichellu stops at all the beaches and offers you spectacular views of the coastline, in a fun and relaxing way. Passengers in a hurry refrain !

On the Eastern Coast with its warm, fresh waters, families and water sports enthusiasts will love Moriani Plage, the festive town of the Costa Verde with its 17 km of beach !

Nature lovers won’t be able to escape the slightly wilder beaches of Cap Corse, on the edge of a Natura 2000 protected maritime area where dolphins come to frolic.

The more sporty and water activity enthusiasts can practice kayaking, pedal boats or jet skiing, particularly on the beaches of Calvi, Saint-Florent or Ile Rousse; Sports diving enthusiasts will not miss the seabed around Galeria, with beautiful colorful seabeds to the north of Scandola.

The most romantic will get away from the crowds for the heavenly setting of Agriates, including the beaches of Saleccia or Ostriconi. Many are only accessible by boat or on foot, through the magnificent Chemin des Douaniers which runs along the coast from Saint-Florent, a magical alliance between the blue of the sea, the golden sand and typical Mediterranean vegetation made of pine trees. , olive trees or holm oaks. .

Sometimes it is the possibility of isolating yourself in a cove of white sand, alone, with transparent and crystal clear water available to you.

Here is our selection of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Haute Corse.

The wild beaches of Cap Corse

Barcaggio Beach

It is the northernmost beach in Corsica, 1km long, in Cap Corse. It is suitable for families and offers views of the island of Giraglia.


Nonza Beach

Nonza beach is located on the west coast of Cap Corse, and one of the most famous in the region. It is one of the most unique beaches in Corsica.

The fine sandy beaches of the Agriates Desert

Roya Beach

Roya beach is located in Saint-Florent, between the port and the Aliso river. It is monitored during the summer period.

Lotu Beach

The beach is located in the Agriates desert, next to Saint-Florent. It is accessible either by the customs path from Saint-Florent.


Saleccia Beach

Saleccia beach is one of the best-known beaches on the island, located in the Agriates desert, in the north of Corsica.

The beaches of Balagne

Ostriconi beach

This 700 meter sandy bay is bordered to the north by the Agriates desert and to the south by Île Rousse.

Lozari Beach

Located in Belgodère, Lozari beach is one of the largest sandy beaches in Balagne: 1.5km of fine sand with clear waters.

Bodri Beach

Located in Corbara in Balagne, this sandy beach is 400m long and is one of the most beautiful in northern Corsica.

Pinède Beach

The Pinède beach in Calvi is a treasure, just opposite the town’s citadel, which served as protection for centuries for the region’s famous port.

Argentella beach

Argentella beach is part of the bay of Crovani, between Galéria and Calvi. This natural and wild site is little urbanized.