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Cape Corsica, a summary of the island of beauty

During your next camping holiday in Corsica, settle down at Cap Corse, the island within an island. You will enjoy all the attractions of the island of beauty far from the hustle and bustle of the major tourist sites. Corsican Cape invites you for an unforgettable journey to the heart of preserved landscapes, white sandy beaches, paths between scrub and sea, wild coves and authentic villages with Corsican charm!

A true distillation of Corsican atmosphere and authenticity, this piece of land facing the Mediterranean Sea offers a territory with inestimable natural and historical riches that you absolutely must discover. Uncover the secrets of Cap Corse, this marine land will take you towards its iodized beauties, between sea and maquis where the green, warm and turquoise colors merge.

For a stay in Bastia and Cap Corse while camping, you will be between a change of scenery and wonder, a vacation in Corsica rich in encounters and shared emotions !

Go on an adventure to the “island within an island” of the Corsica region

Without a doubt, the finger of Corsica is a place unlike any other.

Bordered by the Serra mountains with eight peaks exceeding 1000 meters and occupying an area 40 kilometers long, the curved beaches of the torn coastline of the Cap Corse peninsula offer unforgettable panoramas. Despite a coastline that is difficult to access due to its rugged roads, between mountain villages, arid landscapes, vestiges of the past, old fishing ports and ruins of Genoese towers, Cap Corse presents everything you need to see on the island. of beauty.

To tour Cap Corse, plan on several days. Hotels, Cap Corsica campsites, or guest houses will allow you to stop for one or more nights.

You will take the D80 for your Cap Corse road trip. Renting a car in Haute Corse is strongly recommended to travel it from Bastia, gateway to Cap Corsica.

You will pass the most beautiful villages of Corsica which all have their Genoese towers, their fishing ports, their houses of character, their hamlets with superb views: Erbalunga, Sisco, Rogliano which is considered the capital of Cap Corse.

Macinaggio “marine” of Rogliano, where the small fishing port of yesteryear has become the most important marina of Cap Corse. Its port is also the starting point of the “sentier des douaniers“. This hiking route between the maquis and the sea is famous throughout Cap Corse. The views are magnificent, superb beaches and wild coves are available to you on a 3.5 hour journey.

At the end of your walk on the customs officers’ path, take a break on Baracaggio beach. With its view of the Finocchiarola Islands reserve, this magnificent fine sand beach is perfect for relaxing after your hike.

The Corsican Cape by boat, sea trip: One of the most popular water activities in Corsica is of course diving. Nothing is more enriching than discovering the preserved fauna and flora. To get to the diving spots or to tour Cap Corse, consider boat rental, a booming tourist activity in Corsica departing from Bastia.

Morsiglia, picturesque village in Cap Corsica

Due to its geographical location, Morsiglia will allow you to travel from west to east and discover the beauties of a particularly protected and authentic Mediterranean in a camping formula.

Two minutes from the campsite, the small port of Centuri, one of the most beautiful villages in France with old houses, slate roofs and cobbled streets, famous for its beauty and its lobster fishing. Around fifteen fishermen are still active and you can taste their fresh fish from one of the restaurant terraces.

On the ridge, the six Genoese towers of the village of Morsiglia and its magnificent 13th century convent, facing the sea, where contemporary art exhibitions are held in the summer. A discovery to be made on foot, along the trails, leaving from the campsite.

On the sea side, for diving enthusiasts, Cap Corse offers remarkable rocky seabeds and a diving club is located on the Mute marina, 2 minutes away by the campsite path.