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In the discovery of Northern Corsica, through the different workshops and shops, set off on the Corsican crafts route. The artisans will share their know-how and island traditions with you. Cutlers, painters and engravers, creators of toys/wooden objects, potters and ceramists, sculptors, creators of jewelry/precious stones… Corsican crafts are very varied.

Craftsmanship in Corsica combines know-how and creativity, it is a true art of living in Corsica. In each village of Corsica from North to South, including Central Corsica and Cap Corse, you will meet them on the corner of an alley, at work in their workshop. Modern craftsmanship has developed over the last 30 years, driven by the will of the federation of craftsmen and whose objective is to promote the revival of traditional techniques.

Its artisans from all Corsican regions are bubbling with ideas to innovate in their 100% handmade works of art with all available materials: Metal, wood, wool, rattan, clay…The island artisans each express their own artistic truth which is most often inspired by the life of local society. Some specialized craftsmen make old-fashioned instruments or very refined painted wooden music boxes.

Cutlery, a key craft in Corsica

Handmade, with a handle made from wood from forests and Corsican scrub such as olive, beech or oak, the steel blades are patiently forged from the best steels. It is probably the most beautiful and authentic object to bring back from a trip to Corsica. The craft of cutlery is innovating thanks to young creators who have been able to modernize this age-old art and thus attract visitors from all over the world.

The real Corsican knife is that of the shepherd “curnicciolu”. Curved, smooth handle, slightly concave blade to allow “snatch” cutting.

Mediterranean red gold, Corsican pride

The most beautiful red coral in the world is found in the Bouches de Bonifacio. Let yourself be seduced by the pearls and branches fished from great depths and worked by artisan goldsmiths. This “red gold of the Mediterranean” is one of the island’s great prides.