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Horseback riding in Haute Corse, an equestrian adventure in the heart of the island’s beauty

By : April 19th, 2024 Haute Corse 0 Comments

Horse riding in Haute Corse

Haute Corse, a land of contrasts and natural wonders, offers much more than just breathtaking panoramas. It also invites equestrian adventure, where horse lovers and nature enthusiasts can discover the Isle of Beauty in a unique and intimate way. Horse riding in Haute Corse is an experience in itself, combining a passion for horses with the discovery of breathtaking landscapes. This article takes you galloping through the back roads of Haute Corse, revealing why this activity is an unforgettable way to explore the island.

An ideal playing field for riders

La Upper Corsica with its imposing mountains, dense forests, sandy beaches and coastal paths, is an ideal playground for riders of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner looking for an introduction to horse-riding in magnificent surroundings, or an experienced rider keen to explore more technical and demanding trails, Haute Corse has something for everyone. The region’s equestrian centers offer a wide range of rides and excursions, enabling you to discover the diversity and richness of Corsica’s landscapes on horseback.

Discovering the Hidden Treasures of Upper Corsica

Horse riding in Haute Corse is an invitation to discover the island’s hidden treasures. At a walk, trot or gallop, the equestrian trails wind through fragrant scrubland, opening onto panoramic views of the Mediterranean and leading to hilltop villages that bear witness to the island’s history and culture. This immersion in the wild, unspoilt nature of Haute Corse is a unique opportunity to connect with the environment, to appreciate the silence broken only by the sound of hooves and birdsong.

The Equestrian Centers of Haute Corse, Excellence and Conviviality

Haute Corse is home to a number of equestrian centers, offering quality services for all horse lovers. These establishments, often run by enthusiasts, emphasize the excellence of their staff and the friendliness of their welcome. They offer riding lessons, courses and trail rides for all ages and levels. Haute Corse’s equestrian centers are also the ideal starting point for memorable equestrian adventures, either by the day or over several days, allowing total immersion in the Corsican landscape.

An Equestrian Experience for All

Riding in Haute Corse is accessible to all, offering experiences to suit every rider, whatever their age or level. Families can enjoy quiet rides on easy paths, ideal for introducing children to the pleasures of horseback riding. More adventurous riders, meanwhile, can take on more demanding courses, exploring mountainous terrain and coastal trails offering spectacular views and challenges.

Horse riding in Haute Corse, a commitment to nature

Riding in Haute Corse also means making a commitment to preserving the environment and promoting responsible tourism. The region’s equestrian centers are well aware of the importance of protecting Corsica’s landscapes and biodiversity. They therefore strive to offer activities in harmony with nature, raising awareness among riders and visitors alike of the beauty and fragility of the island’s ecosystem.

CirR Endurance Competition Organized by Écuries de la Costa Verde

Les Écuries de la Costa Verde are proud to host the CirR endurance competition, an event that celebrates the strength and complicity between rider and mount in the sumptuous setting of Haute Corse. This endurance competition, renowned for its high standards and beauty, attracts participants from all over the region, eager to measure themselves against the varied courses offered by the unique landscape of the Costa Verde. Along forest, coastal and mountain trails, riders and their horses demonstrate remarkable stamina while immersed in the unspoilt wilderness of Corsica . Beyond the competition, the event is a moment of sharing and conviviality, underlining the commitment of the Écuries de la Costa Verde to promoting horse riding in harmony with the environment. Participants and spectators leave with lasting memories of the spirit and beauty of horse riding in Haute Corse.

Show jumping at Jumping Club Corte Centre Corse

The Jumping Club Corte Centre Corse is the scene of spectacular equestrian events, with show jumping taking pride of place. This event, combining elegance, technique and precision, attracts riders and horse lovers who come to admire the agility and power of the mounts racing over the obstacle courses. Located in the heart of Haute Corse, Jumping Club Corte offers an exceptional setting for practice and competition, where the Corsican mountain panorama adds a majestic dimension to the discipline. The show jumping competitions organized by the club are an opportunity to celebrate the talent and passion of our riders, in a friendly and competitive atmosphere. These events help to raise the profile of show jumping in Haute Corse, demonstrating the dynamism and excellence of horse riding in the region. Jumping Club Corte Centre Corse is the place to be for all those who want to experience the excitement and adrenalin of show jumping under the Corsican sun.

Horse riding in Haute Corse, a unique experience

Horse-riding in Haute Corse is a gateway to the intimate discovery of an island with a thousand faces. Between sea and mountains, forest and scrub, the equestrian trails of Haute Corse offer a unique experience, a journey to the heart of wild, unspoilt nature. Whether you’re looking for adventure, peace and quiet, or simply a new way to discover Corsica horse riding offers an incomparable perspective, a deep bond between rider, horse and land. Come and experience an equestrian adventure in Haute Corse, and let yourself be carried away by the magic of the Isle of Beauty.


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