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Scuba Diving in Upper Corsica – An Odyssey beneath the waves of island beauty

By : April 19th, 2024 Haute Corse 0 Comments

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Haute Corse, the Mediterranean pearl of France, is a destination that conjures up images of sandy beaches, majestic mountains and picturesque villages perched on rocky outcrops. But beyond its terrestrial beauty, Haute Corse’s azure waters conceal a rich underwater world, making scuba diving a must for lovers of aquatic adventures. Explore with us the hidden wonders under the sea of Haute Corse, and discover why this activity is a must for any visitor to this magnificent region.

An Underwater Treasure to Discover

Haute Corse is a true paradise for divers of all levels, offering a wide variety of dive sites, each with its own ecosystem and unique characteristics. Whether you’re a novice diver looking to blow your first bubble or a seasoned diver in search of new discoveries, Haute Corse offers an exceptional underwater panorama, from colorful coral reefs to mysterious ancient shipwrecks and underwater caves to explore.

Breathtaking Diving Sites

Among the many dive sites dotting the coast of Haute Corse, some stand out for their beauty and biodiversity. The Pietra reef at Île-Rousse is a must-see, with its crystal-clear waters home to exceptional underwater flora and fauna. Further south, the Scandola nature reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage site, offers spectacular dives in an unspoilt natural setting, where groupers, lobsters and shoals of barracudas are a common sight.

Rich and varied flora and fauna

Haute Corse is a prime destination for nature lovers. Underwater, the spectacle is just as fascinating, with a rich marine biodiversity. Corals, sponges, anemones and a multitude of colorful fish populate the seabed, providing a permanent spectacle for divers. It’s a unique opportunity to swim alongside inquisitive dolphins, cross paths with impressive manta rays or even watch sea turtles at play.

The B17 Bomber wreck in Calvi

Diving to the wreck of the B17 bomber in Calvi Calvi is a plunge into history, a moment suspended between past and present. Resting peacefully at the bottom of the crystal-clear waters of Haute Corse, this World War II aircraft offers divers a unique experience, full of emotions and discoveries. The wreck, accessible to intermediate divers due to its depth, is in a remarkable state of preservation, allowing us to admire up close the details of this war machine transformed into an artificial reef. Around the wreck, marine life has made the site its own, creating a vibrant ecosystem of fish, crustaceans and coral. Exploring the wreck of the B17 is a fascinating dive, a tribute to the history and beauty of the sea of Haute Corse.

Scandola Nature Reserve

The Scandola Nature Reserve, the jewel of Upper Corsica, is a sanctuary of marine and terrestrial biodiversity, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Accessible only by sea, this reserve offers breathtaking scenery of volcanic rock formations plunging into deep blue waters. When diving, the reserve reveals its hidden treasures: sea caves, underwater cliffs and a diverse fauna that makes it a paradise for underwater photographers and nature lovers. The protected waters of Scandola are home to groupers, corbs, sars and many other species, testifying to Haute Corse’s commitment to preserving its exceptional natural heritage. A dive in the Scandola Nature Reserve is an adventure not to be missed, a communion with nature at its wildest and most unspoilt.

Diving Sites around Cap Corse

Cap Corse, this majestic projection into the Mediterranean, is a dream destination for divers in search of authenticity and unspoilt sites. Around this wild promontory, one dive site follows another, offering an incredible diversity of landscapes.

from dizzying drop-offs to coral gardens and mysterious shipwrecks. The clear, invigorating waters of Cap Corse are home to a rich and varied marine life, with schools of barracudas, lobsters hidden in rocky crevices, and the fascinating spectacle of soft coral rippling in the currents. Every dive around Cap Corse is a discovery, a unique underwater adventure, where the intense blue of the sea blends with the history and wild nature of Haute Corse. Diving in these waters is an unforgettable experience, a privileged moment of connection with the sea and its hidden wonders.

Welcoming and professional dive centers

To guarantee the best scuba diving diving experience in Haute Corse experience, a number of diving centers along the coast offer courses for all levels, as well as guided excursions to the region’s best spots. These centers, certified and run by passionate professionals, are equipped to meet the needs of every diver, ensuring an exceptional underwater adventure in the clear waters of the Mediterranean.

When to dive in Haute Corse?

Haute Corse enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers ideal for diving. The diving season runs from April to November, when water temperatures range from 14°C to 25°C, making diving enjoyable and accessible to all. The summer months, from June to September, are particularly popular for diving, offering ideal conditions in terms of both underwater visibility and water temperature.

Prepare for your underwater adventure

Before diving into underwater adventure in Haute Corse a few preparations are in order. Make sure you’re in good physical condition and have a medical certificate if necessary. Choose a dive center renowned for its quality of service and professionalism. Don’t forget to check your equipment, and if you don’t have any, dive centers offer it for hire.

An Unforgettable Experience

Scuba diving in Haute Corse is an invitation to explore another world, a world of silence and beauty, where each dive reveals new treasures. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful experience in the heart of nature or a thrilling adventure to discover ancient shipwrecks, Haute Corse offers a spectacular backdrop for unforgettable scuba diving. So don your wetsuit, strap on your mask and dive into the hidden treasures of Haute Corse.