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Sant'Antonino, a medieval village

Sant’Antonino, a 12-century old medieval village

Sant’Antonino is one of the most beautiful villages in France and Corsica, a medieval site in the Balagne region which is worth a visit during your stay on a camping holiday on the Isle of Beauty. Perched on top of a granite block, at near Ile Rousse and Calvi, it culminates at an altitude of 500m and is among the oldest in Upper Corsica. It is the strategic point for seeing the Balagne valleys. Let yourself be captivated by its narrow streets, its ancestral remains and its view over the entire plain and the sea.

Sant’Antonino was built in the 9th century by Ugo Colonna, a famous Roman count. It is one of the oldest villages in Corsica, a true place of treasures of the past. The visit to Sant’ Antonino begins with the discovery of the 75 houses built in the rock and stone of the country. They guarantee the authenticity of the village with its picturesque architecture and the “spiritu paisanu”. Its church dates from the 11th century. Sant’Antonino and the ruins of the medieval castle constitute a strategic point because we have a view of the entire valley and the Balagne.

Ancestral remains are still visible: bread oven, press, and old fortifications at the top of the village.

Take a visit to Sant Antonino

You will be surprised by all the possible leisure activities around the village of Sant Antonino. Donkey rides, walks in the village, hikes, water sports, everything is possible !

How to get there: from our Haute-Corse campsites, you can opt for different means of transport such as taxi, bus, or even car to reach the Corsican village.

San Antonino being close to Algajola beach, you will enjoy indulging in multiple water activities: diving, surfing or towed buoys.

You can also take quad lessons with Corsiquad, a company based in Monticello which is only about ten kilometers from San Antonino by car.

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If you prefer time to relax, taste Corsican specialties on the main square of Sant’ Antonino. You will find a number of quality shops and restaurants there such as the Bellevue restaurant or the Scalini.