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Cape Corsica

Cap Corse, an island within the island most open to the sea

Corsican Cape invites you for an unforgettable journey to the heart of preserved landscapes, white sandy beaches, paths between scrub and sea, wild coves and authentic villages with Corsican charm!

A place that has retained its authenticity, Cap Corse, a piece of land facing the Mediterranean Sea, offers a territory with inestimable natural and historical riches that are absolutely worth discovering. Uncover the secrets of Cap Corse, this marine land will take you towards its iodized beauties, between sea and maquis where the green, warm and turquoise colors merge.

“An island within an island” is what best describes this region in the northernmost part of the island.

The northern tip of the island of beauty is the region most open to the sea, and one of the wildest too. Bordered by the Serra mountains with eight peaks exceeding 1000 meters and occupying an area 40 kilometers long, the curved beaches of the torn coastline of the Cap Corse peninsula offer unforgettable panoramas. Cap Corse presents a range of typical and preserved places, everything you need to see on the island of beauty.

To tour Cap Corse, we advise you to plan several days of vacation. Hotels, Cap Corsica campsites, or guest houses will allow you to stop for one or more nights.

To make your Cap Corsica road trip easier, rent a car in Haute Corse to travel it from Bastia, the gateway to Cap Corsica.

You will not find large towns in this region of Corsica, but many small villages of character; Erbalunga, Sisco, Ersa and the Mattei mill, Centuri and its famous fishing and marina port (the most important with Macinaggio) and many others…

A must when you are in Cap Corse is to go to Nonza, famous for its black sand beach, the village is also worth a visit, the Sainte-Julie Church and the Genoese tower which, as is often the case on the island of beauty will offer you an extraordinary view.