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Lake Capitello

Being able to choose between marine and mountainous landscapes, between a lazy afternoon at the beach or a hike in the mountains, these are the many advantages of camping tourism in Corsica. The mountain landscapes, lakes, waterfalls and the interior of the island are equally spectacular. Corsica and its interior are full of wonders and beautiful discoveries. With hiking shoes on, set off to explore deep Corsica on marked trails to reach the most beautiful lakes in the region such as Lake Capitello.

Lake Capitello in Upper Corsica, in the heart of the Regional Park

Lake Capitello at 1930m surrounded by relatively impressive rock towers is a jewel of the mountain island of the upper Restonica valley. From the Grotelle sheepfolds, the path first reaches Lake Melo then Lake Capitello. These two glacial lakes offer very different landscapes. Lake Mélo with emerald green water and the contours of spaces inviting picnic breaks, Lake Capitello offers a very mineral landscape with its intense blue water and its high rocky cliffs. This diversity of marvelous landscapes totally represents Northern Corsica.

The GR 20 to discover the lakes of Corsica

To admire (after the effort but that’s all its attractions) the most beautiful natural places in Corsica, the GR20 is the trail to adopt. Between beech forests, mountain peaks, fauna and flora surrounding the lakes of the Rotondo massif such as Lakes Milo and Capitello, you will have to follow stage 7 of the route (North-South direction).

At the Brêche de Capitello passage, you will have a magnificent view of the two lakes. You will see them from above but this is by far the best way to admire them, and you will therefore have to leave the GR20 trail if you want to see them up close. As you can see in some photos, access to the breach can be quite technical.