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Corsican desserts

The desserts of the Isle of Beauty are essential sweets to taste during your holiday in Corsica ! Truly Corsican and made in season, Corsican desserts are made with local ingredients such as chestnut flour and brocciu cheese. Corsican pastry specialties come in all forms: cake, tart, biscuit or brioche. The most popular are tortas (dried fruit tarts), Canistrellis (dried cakes), chestnut-based cakes, parfaits, or even Fiadone (brocciu and lemon tart).

The Fiadone

It’s the emblematic dessert of Corsica ! Same texture as cheesecake, with hints of lemon. Made from Brocciu, a whey cheese from Corsica, you can enjoy Fiadone in winter in Corsican pastries and restaurants. In summer, Fiadone offers a variation by replacing Brocciu with Brousse.

Chestnut cake

A true Corsican specialty, you will find chestnut cake in almost all grocery stores and Corsican specialty shops. We can offer it to you in restaurants accompanied by a Corsican citrus sauce or Brocciu ice cream.

Canistrelli – (dry cakes)

These are Corsican biscuits that you absolutely must try during your stay in Corsica. These biscuits are made from flour, yeast, oil and sugar. They are generally offered plain with white wine, almonds, hazelnuts, lemon, figs, etc. You will find them everywhere, particularly at bakers and pastry chefs where the Corsican artisans offer authentic products. This is particularly the case for Zilia Biscuits which can be found everywhere in stores in the form of Cuggiulelle: the Balinese version of Canistrelli.

La Panette (Corsican Brioche)

In the brioche category, Panette is enjoyed all year round at breakfast or at coffee time in Corsica. Offered in all the windows of bakeries and pastry shops on the Isle of Beauty, this Corsican brioche is generally flavored with lemon or orange zest and there are also certain versions garnished with pastry cream and fruit, like at the Leoncini patisserie in Bastia.

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