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Roya Beach

Roya beach is located in Saint-Florent, between the port and the Aliso river. It is supervised during the summer period and is suitable for families, because the water is shallow for a long distance. It really takes a while to sink into these crystal clear waters before you no longer have your footing. Its shallow depth also makes it exceptionally warm, often allowing you to swim there at the beginning or end of the season, without worries.

Roya Beach also has a few shaded areas because it is lined with trees: children enjoy the sea while parents relax in the shade ! Dogs on a leash are also permitted.

There are various water activities on site such as kayaking, pedal boats, windsurfing or jet skiing.

Snorkeling enthusiasts can go a little further towards the rocks, to admire the fish and the transparent water…
Along the Pezzu road, there are various free parking places: there is therefore no problem parking.

The most gourmands will be able to enjoy the table at the Hotel La Roya which overlooks the beach, and whose gastronomic restaurant is very famous in Saint-Florent, highlighting Corsican gastronomy and local producers.

The beach offers a beautiful view of the bay and the town of Saint-Florent

To have the most beautiful view, don’t hesitate to put your deckchair in the second part of the beach, towards the big rock: the view is breathtaking, barely spoiled by a few sailboats.

At the end of the beach, at the dirt car park, there is the starting point of the coastal path from Saint-Florent, to reach the Agriates desert and its various beaches. It’s a fabulous hike, as it runs alongside crystal clear waters and beautiful coves, some of which are not accessible by road, and are therefore preserved. But you have to count on a very long day of hiking, and don’t forget your water reserves.

La Roya beach is easily accessible from the city center of Saint-Florent. No need to have a car, you can get there on foot: it takes around twenty minutes from the port. This is perhaps even the preferred solution in summer, so as not to waste time looking for a parking space.