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Corsican charcuterie

Like its cheeses, Corsica can be discovered through its charcuterie, products often labeled AOC ! Pigs raised in the open air, in the sun, in a unique climate and on fertile land, breeders and multiple charcuterie processing companies who offer labeled products to guarantee the Corsican origin of the animals and the strict method of product development. The pigs are raised in semi-freedom and feed on the local environment (food from the maquis), which gives the meat a unique and fragrant taste.

Excellent gastronomy and manufacturing

Figatellu, coppa, prisuttu, panzetta… Corsican charcuterie specialties are prepared using a unique curing method and manufacturing techniques. Quality Corsican charcuterie is defined by different salting, chopping and drying depending on the type of product. It is respecting all these manufacturing stages which is the key to quality Corsican charcuterie. You can well imagine that this know-how is fiercely preserved by local artisans, holders of a living heritage, a source of wealth for Corsica.

In Corsica, pig breeding is part of an ancestral tradition which is based on the use of pastures by a rustic local breed, the ‘Nustrale’ pig. This breed as well as the finishing phase of the animals with acorn or chestnut are the main foundations which establish a link to the strong and original terroir, basis of the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

There are several products around charcuterie on the island:

– dry Corsican ham, or Prisuttu

– the lonzo, or Lonzu

– coppa, or Coppa di Corsica, characterized by its deep red color

– figatellu: sausage made from pork liver. It is usually served grilled with pulenta.

Salciccia, Salamu, Panzetta also complement the other delicatessen products on the island.

How to choose your cold meats ?

You will be able to find from the same producer various sausages, coppe, lonzi with different degrees of maturation, of varied sizes and thicknesses, of nuanced colors, or quite simply of different preparations. We must not forget the dimension of the butcher’s profession.

Good advice for choosing your artisanal Corsican charcuterie